Here are the first pictures of Nancy's pride and joy, the herd of cobs in our orchard.
Nancy always said gyspy horses were like potatoe chips, you simply cannot have just

You have met Aiden, our stallion and here is the rest of the crew. The upper right is
Chico a fabulous riding gelding by the Midget stallion. The far left is Samson, a
skewbald chocolate gelding ( he is just 2) by Flash of Gold.

And of coarse, every stallion need s few great mares!. In the foreground is Annie, a
yearling blagdon filly by BB King and just behing her is Bobbi, our piebald mare by

Chico is off to British Columbia's Armstrong Interior Provincial Exibition this week        
(Sept 1-5) with Aiden and Jackpot, so I am sure Adrea Blaire will get some get shots
for us to add!!!