Glennaught Floss  ( REBA)
May 11  2004
Dad's pride and joy, Reba is 18 . This very fancy mare is all hitch,
we will be showing her some in halter this summer and get her
under saddle this fall.
Our Next Show Stoppers

Cocoa is 16.2 hands and just 3. This beautiful tricolored mare is
perfectly balanced and  has extraordinary extension. We feel she is the
finest drum mare on the continent. Her movement is flawless. Her trot
is effortless, and like all well balanced horses it is her preferred gait.  
Cocoa has wonderful feather starting high at her knees. Her tail is a
double tail, thick and to the ground. Her mane was thick and long, but
disapearred on the long haul cross country. ( her travel mate found it

Cocoa will be bred to Jackpot for a /11 foal using embryo tranfer.
Jackpot is the most athletic drum stallion in North America and his
sport horse foals have been outstanding. While many people are
breeding drafts to gypsys to make first generation drum horses, there is
little second generation breeding being done. We look forward to the
contribution to the breed from a Cocoa & Jackpot pairing.
Canadian bred clydesdale mare
The addition of our new drum mare Cocoa Channel has shifted the
focus of our breeding. We are looking forward of doing a drum to
drum breeding with Cocoa and Jackpot as well as Jackpot with Reba.
There have been clydes in our lives for 15 years and we cannot wait
to see what the future holds.
Imported UK Drum mare  Gypsy stallion/ bay shire mare.