Crosses That Click

Because a sport horse is first and foremost an athlete we are very
particular about the mares we choose to breed.

Our mares are purebred registered Arabians, Clydesdales,  and Gypsy
Cobs with pedigrees that speak to generations of  thoughtful breeding.

All the horses at Custom Chrome are broke to ride , or drive or both!

Custom Chrome  stallions stand to a few approved outside mares every
year. Whether you are breeding to one of our outstanding colored stallions
or purchasing a quality young horse you are assured that Custom Chrome
horses are sound , sensible and athletic.
We are located in Armstrong British Columbia the heart of the Okanagan
Valley. Our small hillside farm is home to a dozen or so spoiled horses.

Our breeding philosophy is simple. Mares contribute 80% to the quality of
the breeding equation, so quality mature mares, well fed, and never bred
back  is where we start. To ensure soundness of mind, our mares are all
trained to a discipline.

Our stallions are part of the day to day activities here. They are not kept
simply for breeding. Whether it be as a participant at a show, going for a
trail ride or simply a walk down the lane to play in the grass, they have
jobs to do, and are conditioned to participate as gentleman.
Things we cannot live without.

With a yard full of horses and a busy show schedule we have come to appreciate a few things that make our lives easier and over
time have come to realize we simply couldn't survive without these items. Please visit their sites,  we urge you to try these products.

All our horses are worked using the principles of Doug Mills Training Thru Trust. As you know, we have 3 stallions that we show and
Dougs' principles allow us to have willing partners that rise to the challenges of the show ring  in control. All our upcoming
youngsters are started using his techniques. His videos are worth every penny ( miles ahead of any others we have purchased) and
his clinics are the best money you will every  spend.  Weather you ride english or western he can help you become a partner with
your horse.

Meet Doug Mills
All custom chrome horses are ridden in treeless saddles
manufactured by Nickers Saddlery. We each have our
own saddle that fits and I mean fits every horse on the
property.  Imagine 1 saddle that fits 15 horses.
Visit Nickers
Tired of mending fencing and repairing paddocks. This
fence is bullet proof and allows us to keep stallions
across the aisle from mares.
And finally a nod to Jackpot's rider and our riding
instructor, Patty Thomas. An exceptional rider, gifted
teacher. No web link here, she makes owning all these
ponies fun and we really don't want to share her. Look for
her next year enforce as she shows Jackpot  in free style

OCT 29
A special note of thanks to Patty for the wonderful job she
did, in presenting Jackpot both in halter and saddle
classes. Complete placings and pictures  in the next few
days. As all  owners of show horses know, one of the
challenges we face is aligning ourselves and our horses,
with professional, competent and trustworthy handlers
and mounts for the horses so dear to us. Often we have
many negative experiences before we find those special
people that bond with your horse and earn your trust. We
feel honored and lucky that  we have found Patty for
Jackpot  and Stacy for Norman. Thank you from the
bottom of our hearts for all you do. You make it all fun!!

Speaking of pictures
Andrea Blaire is the finest equine
photographer  and when we need that special shot, she
is the only one we call.