Y2K Normandy
Triple Registered Pintabian Stallion
(April 17 2000)
Norman stamps his foals
with excellent confirmation,
movement & mind, with the
bonus of color! His foals are
athletic and easy going with
alot of personality.
Normans' first Custom
Chrome filly is a show

Our new Pintabian filly foal
Lacey Bey X Y2K Normandy.

Foaled May 17/07
Will be triple registered as
1/2 Arab, Pinto, and

Jorja Bey
......Norman.... Outstanding in his Field..........
Norman is very athletic and has a very impressive trot, he is a show stopper. With his 7th foal on
the ground May 16th /07 he is 6 for 7 in producing color.

Norman has had 3 months training and showed great promise as reiner with a strong stop, but
his mom wants to jump. He will be tested for his sport horse approval this September.
Look for some pics of Norman chute  jumping in the near future.
What is a Pintabian? A Pintabian is a colored Arabian with a measured percentage of Arabian
blood. To be registered as a Pintabian the horse must be of  99.2% or more Arabian. Norman is
99.6 % Arab and can therefore be bred to another Pintabian and still produce a registered foal.
Pintabians are also registered as 1/2 Arabs if one parent is a purebred Arab. They are also
eligible for registration in the pinto registry. To breed a pinto to an Arab and produce a Pintabian
one must obtain color from the outcross to the pinto and then breed back to Arabians for 6
generations and maintain the color to have a horse of color that is 99.6% Arabian.