Jackpot is the ultimate showman, the over achiever. He
has  a zeal, an intelligence, balanced by an inner
peace, coupled with a determined attitude. You feel you
cannot take your eyes off him because you might miss
Drum Horse  
Shire x Gypsy                                   Born May 15 /2001
Disciplines: Jumping, Driving

At 17 h. he shows incredible jumping style and ability, correct conformation, and a captivating
and willing disposition. He loves to jump and is very honest to the fences. He is naturally
balanced, built uphill, lovely forward movement with a lighter body style.

Look for Jackpot and Patty Thomas spring 2010 in the dressage ring !

Jackpot has been bred 9 times always producing color.

Aug /08 Update / Jackpot has 2 new foals on the ground this year
TB Misty Eagle  JC No. 9817364  out of Flashy  Ways by Bo Jinsky  
KWPN Nirada V by Indorado x Levette ( Capitol 1)  Fabulous mare competed @1.6 meter
Last year he was  bred to a black TB and the foal was born May 17th./07. The result is stunning.
Jackpot foals
Andrea Blaire photo
History of  the DRUM HORSE

In the late 1800's coloured horses
were written out of the stud books of
the shire and clydesdales. While to this
day roan are an acceptable colour for
the clyde, piebald and skewbald  
horses are thing of the past.

In England the Queens' Calvalry use
solid colour horses as the colour guard
in processions and historically the
horses that carried the large kettle
drums in these processions were large
horses usually of pattern so they stood
out in the procession.

There are excellent examples of drum
horses recorded throughout the
1900's and in the 30's and 40's these
horses resembled what we in North
America call a spotted draft. In the 50's
one started to see the "type" of the
drum horse change and the coloured
horses selected for the role of the
drum horse had  an abundance of
feather, showing a clear connection to
the shire and clydesdale.

To Be selected for the job of Drum
Horse a horse must be a gelding as
mares and stallions do not have the
temperament and they must be a
minimum of 17 hands. Horses that
meet the requirements of  color ,
feather, height, and trainability are
very rare.

In England to day there are handful of
coloured horses in service as drum
horses but there is no formal drum
horse breeding program , nor is there
a breed standard. The drum horse is a
type of horse as opposed to a breed.
We are very proud that our stallion
Jackpot and our mare Cocoa are
classic examples of this type.

In America, the Gypsy horse is gaining
popularity. While the classic gypsy cob
is 14.2 hands and under, in America
over the last decade, there has been a
demand for a taller horse and the
height of these horses has been being
bred up. These horses are often
registered as gypsy vanners. The
challenge in breeding up the gypsy
cob is that a century of breeding the
cobs down often rears its head and the
mating of 2 15 hand horses will
produce a cob sized offspring. Our
Aiden is one of the cobs. He was
imported from England with the
expectation he would be a 15 hand
horse coming from parents taller than
15 hands. He is, despite the hieght of
his parents a classic traditional cob at
14 hands.

The American Drum Horse Association
is a new breed registry in the USA
beginning the process of getting large
coloured , feathered drafts to breed
true.  To accomplish this a Gypsy of
over 15 hands is bred to a feathered
draft (clydesdale, shire or friesen).

Feathered drafts must be used as  
feather is a recessive gene, so to
produce feather , both parents must
be feathered. The challenge as the
development of this new  but historical
breed moves forward is to  maintain
height as the throw back example from
above often occurs and as we know
from breeding Aiden our Gypsy Cob,
while his parent were tall, he is a
proper cob and throws foals that are
also proper cob height.

To produce a historically correct drum
horse in this modern age, you should
as a breeder,  take the finest example
of a modern feathered draft to a
proven drum stallion or seek out a
homozygous gypsy, as tall as possible
WITHOUT sacrificing confirmation and
an exceptional way of going and breed
to a feathered draft of modern style in
hopes of producing a coloured off
spring that has the confirmation to
excel in many of today popular
disciplines. If you can get colour and
confirmation on the first breeding by
using a homozygous stallion, height
can be added in subsequent
      Supreme Champion of the 2010 Interior Exibition
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Kelowna Riding Club
hosted their Spring
Dressage Festival
Easter weekend and as
always the event was
when run, blessed with
perfect weather and lots
of fun!   Jackot and Patty
performed their brand
new level 2 freestyle.
Music and routine
choreographed by Patty,
musical score produced
by Arron.
Click here to enjoy the ride