our extraordinary Gypsy Stallion
The newest addition to the Custom Chrome line up
is Aiden, a spectacular 14' traditional Gypsy Cob
stallion! A very photogenic boy he is, blessed with
all the characteristics so desirable in his breed!
Long profuse feather, suspended powerful
movement and wonderful extensions!

The traditional Gypsy Cob is a horse created and
used by the gypsies/travellers of Ireland and Great
Britain for pulling their caravan homes. They are a
small draft horse with full mane, tail and feather.
The Gypsy Cob is a distinct body type, bred from a
combination of British and Irish breeds including
the Shire, Clydesdale, and Dales pony.

Its draft heritage is displayed in it's compact
form.Traditional cobs stand from 13.2 to 14.2  
hands, heavy boned, the breed is prized for its
abundant mane and tail and profuse feathering.
The traditional Gypsy Cob comes in a variety of
colours both solid and coloured. They have been
bred and selected for strength, stamina and
temperament. As a member of the family, the
Gypsy Cob must have a quiet intelligence to
remain docile around children and the strength and
stamina to thrive in a life on the road.

With a heritage going back hundreds of years the
Gypsy Cob is now a registered breed to preserve
the characteristics that made them a valuable
asset as a coveted family member. Today the
Gypsy Cob make wonderful all-round horses.
Whether your interest is driving, dressage, or
jumping, a Gypsy Cob could be just the equine for

Aiden stands 14 hands and is homozygous for the
tobiano gene.  We have been lucky enough to find
a fabulous imported piebald Nobby daughter  to
breed to Aiden. She comes to us a bit weathered
from in a pasture setting that did not include regular
grooming. We will concentrate on getting Bobbi
into show condition this year and breed her in 2011
for a 2012 foal. Both Aiden and Bobbi are very ,
very similar in type, and we have great hopes for
this pairing.

Gypsy horses are bit like potaote chips, you simply
cannot have just one. We now have a total of 5, 2 of
which are terrific geldings offered for sale.
Spring of 09. Nancy and Aiden spend
the day strutting their stuff at the
Okanagan Breeders Showcase.
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Aiden and Nancy enjoy the 2010 IPE
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Chico and Nancy in costume classs